‘Wings’-Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics by 27 artists.

21 March – 11 May 2019

‘Wings’-Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics by 27 artists.

 Pigs Might Fly….

Birds, insects, bats, angels, planes, even pigs, are amongst the creative interpretations of 27 artists for the next exhibition at Falkner Gallery entitled ‘Wings’.

A range of works in various art forms – painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, textiles, installations, ceramics, cards and gifts will fill the gallery upstairs and downstairs for the period 20 March – 11 May [including the Castlemaine State Festival].

John Wolseley’s etchings and paintings are part of his ongoing exploration of the beetles and birds of the Central Victorian environment. Robert Marnika’s photographs of soaring bats compliment Geoff Park’s photographs of this region’s birdlife.

The naturalistic watercolours and woodcuts of Australian birds and their feathers by Margaret Cromb hang near Anne Tweed’s and Margaret Castle’s intricate pen, ink and watercolours of birds’ habitats and Vida Pearson’s stylised and dramatic linocuts.

Kim Barter’s expressionist markings of aeroplanes and the complex textile constructions by Paula Martin and Greg Somerville further extend the concept of wings.

Stylistically, Lucy McEachern’s graceful and elegant bronze sculptures – the barn owl, magpie and blue wren are superb contrasts to the quirky ceramic sculptures by Ann-Maree Gentile and Maxine Price.

Jean Bohuslav’s encaustic paintings explore the poetic and spiritual relationships between humans and nature. Ornithologists John Gould and Gracius Broinowski’s 19thCentury lithographs are valuable historic records of Australian birdlife.

These are just some of the interpretations of the Wings theme. Whether 2D or 3D, representational or semi-abstract, large or small, serious or humorous, contemporary or historic – Falkner Gallery is filled with objects and creatures of flight.

And yes, pigs do fly!

Artists included:

Kim Barter, Jean Bohuslav, Gracius Broinowski, Liz Caffin, Margaret Castle, Margaret Cromb, Benjamin Fawcett, Sarah Gabriel, Ann-Maree Gentile, John Gould, Carolyn Graham, Kyoko Imazu, Tim Jones, Robert Marnika, Paula Martin, LucyMcEachern, Liz McLennan, Skye Mescall, Geoff Park, Vida Pearson, Marina Pribaz, Maxine Price, Libby Schreiber, Greg Somerville, Anne Tweed, Anna Wilson, John Wolseley


21 March – 11 May

Hours: Daily 11-5 during Castlemaine Festival [22-31 March], then Wed 1-5, Thur – Sat 11-5 until 11 May.