Constantly changing Group Show 

Following the success of the 2021 group show ‘Journey’ by 20 artists, and because of the current Covid uncertainties, Falkner Gallery will not hold solo exhibitions for the time being.

Instead, a range of artists will exhibit recent works in an un-themed, constantly changing Group Show. New artists and works will be added every month or so.

A representative image by 40+ artists is shown on the home page of:

As well, there are always changing sculptures, ceramics, jewellery and cards by various artists displayed in the five gallery spaces


Falkner Gallery begins 2022 with a joyful bang!

The New Year welcomes new artists and artworks to the gallery in the now familiar changing, un-themed Group Show.  Artists have responded to the challenge of displaying recent works in a range of mediums and techniques for a period of 2 or so months. 

The ongoing concerns of the past 2 years can temporarily be put aside by viewing the series of  heartening new works.

Downstairs is a series of botanical abstract paintings by Samantha Leggett. Large canvases of vibrant, exuberant colour offer the viewer a joyous and optimistic outlook. Who can refute the uplifting effect of the effervescent, positive splashes of her botanical abstracts? Is it a flower, a tree, a rabbit, a figure, a leaf? The imagination allows for many interpretations with her paintings that flood the senses with the formal elements of design – colour, shape, pattern, line, texture. They bring joy to the spirit.

Upstairs is a selection of recent landscapes by several artists. 

Mark Dober, a Castlemaine ‘en plein air’ painter presents views of the local area that vibrate and flood the senses. Similarly flooding the senses, but in quite a different style, are Sara Paxton’s large canvases. Distant mountains are the backdrop to sweeping farmlands, rivers and the suggestion of forests. Both artists convey vibrant and powerful sensations largely through colour.

Rosemary Eagle presents a series of semi-abstract landscapes using the monoprint and multi-plate printmaking techniques. Rather than describing the landscape literally, she suggests it with splashes and streaks of gradated colour. Her dramatic skies describe the most vivid of sunsets and her sketchy, jagged lines illustrate the aftermath of recent flood damage in Central Victoria. 

Linda Gallus, David Mellows and Christopher Race portray their local environments in a more representational style as acrylic canvas paintings and photography.

Some of the artists who participated in the Group Show in late 2021 are again participating in this year’s show but with new and exciting works. Among these are Margaret Cromb with woodcuts, Greg Somerville with photography and mixed media works, Paula Martin with mixed media sculptures, Mark Mason with Raku pots, Sue Gilford with pyrographs, Karen Van Cuylenburg with linocuts, Wayne Viney with monoprints, Liz Caffin with drawings, and others.

After the long and unsettling 2 years, it is a such a joy and inspiration to appreciate the new works by imaginative and talented creative artists. 

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A  synopsis and representative images of previous exhibitions can be seen under Exhibitions: ‘Past Exhibitions’.