Falkner Gallery was opened in 2002 by Dale Falkner, formerly Head of Art at a Melbourne Secondary School and Director of Coonara Gallery, Olinda.

Falkner Gallery specialises in historic and contemporary fine arts by Australian and Overseas artists. Bookplates, collagraphs, drawings, engravings, etchings, linocuts, lithographs, monotypes, paintings, photographs, serigraphs, sculptures, watercolours, wood engravings and woodcuts are displayed in five gallery rooms in frequently changing exhibitions. Selected Australian and Overseas sculpture, jewellery, crafts, furniture and handmade cards are also exhibited and an archival framing service is offered.

The gallery occupies a two-storey 1860s building in Castlemaine’s CBD, 100 metres from the railway station,  150 metres from the Post Office and 250 metres from the Visitors Information Centre. Fig café is next door; nearby are the Origini, Saint Florian and Togs cafés and other excellent restaurants. Also in Templeton Street is the Maurocco Bar in the Midland Private Hotel.

Open Thursday-Saturday 11-4pm ten months of the year. The gallery is generally closed during January and August for Summer and Winter Recesses.


Hours:  Thursday – Saturday 11-4pm.

The gallery has re-opened with  new work by a range of artists, strict entry conditions and slightly reduced hours. 

Careful precautions are in place in the gallery: visitors limited to 4 per room, collection of contact details, use of sanitiser stations, a ‘no touch’ policy for artworks on walls, in boxes, books and racks. All rooms in the building are sprayed with disinfectant each evening and frequently used surfaces are disinfected twice daily.

The earlier postponed exhibitions by Margaret Lees and Sue Gilford have been re-scheduled and are commencing 17 September for regional visitors and as soon as Stage 4 restrictions are lifted for Melbourne visitors.

Hours:  Thursday – Saturday 11-4pm.