‘Remembering Nepal’

10 September – 25 October 2015

‘Remembering Nepal’

– Suzanne and Alfred Gregory, Photography

The exhibition at Falkner Gallery entitled “Remembering Nepal’, by well known photo journalists, Suzanne and Alfred Gregory, is a tribute to the lives and culture lost in the recent earthquakes which devastated so much of that country.

Alfred went to Nepal over 60 years ago in 1952, returning the following year as a member of the successful British team which first climbed Mt Everest. He escorted Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay to the final camp at approximately 8500m before the successful assault on the summit the following day.

Suzanne’s first visit was in the mid 1960s and for 40+ years spent many months there amongst the high Himalayan peaks, valleys, regions, towns and villages.

The Gregorys had great insight into the customs and culture of this former Hindu Kingdom and through their close friendship with local people from different racial groups, had a unique understanding of the religious practices and rituals pertaining to both Hindus, Buddhists and minor ethnic groups.

Both Suzanne and Alfred’s images and articles have been regularly published throughout the world and Alfred has also published 4 books.

For many years they gave presentations throughout Britain and for 20 years Alfred was a freelance lecturer for Kodak, giving shows in the UK, Europe and Africa. They travelled to many other countries of the world in search of stories and pictures and their work has been shown in exhibitions in Britain, USA and Australia, including Falkner Gallery, Castlemaine.

Alfred died in 2010 and Suzanne has continued her close friendship with the original 1953 families and Sherpas, along with other members of the Nepalese community.

Suzanne and Alfred, honorary members of the Australian Himalayan Foundation have raised money for the Foundation’s Teacher Training Programs for many years.

From 10 September – 25 October, Falkner Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Suzanne and Alfred’s photographs of Nepal – the people, culture, art, geography and a few images from the First Ascent of Everest in 1953. These photographs will celebrate the people and culture of Nepal, some images taken in the areas now destroyed.

The money raised from sales of photographs will be donated to the Australian Himalayan Foundation, and is guaranteed through their efforts, to reach the people suffering in desperate circumstances.