Lines in the Landscape

‘Lines in the Landscape’- Sarah Ormonde and Anne Tweed

Ceramics, Paintings, Drawings

‘The Unicorn, the Pool and the Hare’- Tim Jones

Wood Engravings and Sculptures

‘Lines in the Landscape’

Ceramics, Paintings, Drawings by Sarah Ormonde and Anne Tweed


12 March – 3 May [including the Castlemaine Festival 13 – 22 March]

To visit the studios of ANNE TWEED and SARAH ORMONDE is to be impressed by the beauty of the Central Victorian landscape  Both artists live and work in the area and have collaborated on an exhibition at Falkner Gallery entitled ‘Lines in the Landscape’. Sarah  has created ceramics and Anne paintings and drawings.

‘Line’ has many interpretations – the undulating outline of the rolling hills and huge granite boulders towards the distant horizon, against the broad expanse of sky; the detailed lines of the individual creatures that inhabit the area –feathers, fur and nests of the birds, foxes and rabbits; the lines and patterns of light above and beneath the surface, altered by the passage of time.

Sarah’s works are the abstract and Anne’s are the literal interpretations of line.

Anne’s large drawings and paintings are intricate and detailed. She depicts the sculptural nests and their occupants she discovers on her property and describes in amazing detail the animals from the surrounding land.

Sarah describes the connection between the land and her ceramic vessels: “By moving through the landscape we leave a trace that marks the earth’s rich surface. Moving around a bowl it is possible to create and to experience change, allowing for the play of light and the surprise of a corner.” The oxided markings and natural colourings of her vessels describe these traces and remind us of the area’s geology.

‘The Unicorn, the Pool and the Hare’

Wood Engravings and Small Sculptures by Tim Jones

12 March – 3 May [including the Castlemaine Festival 13 – 22 March]

‘The Unicorn, the Pool and the Hare’ conjures up a fascinating children’s fairytale, a Celtic myth or a Medieval legend. It is in fact the title of a new suite of wood engravings and small sculptures by TIM JONES showing at Falkner Gallery 12 March – 3 May.

Tim is a renowned wood engraver whose works are represented in numerous Australian and Overseas collections. Born in Wales, he arrived in Australia in 1983. His meticulous engraving technique is often likened to that of British 18th Century wood-engraver Thomas Berwick.

Tim’s exhibition derives its inspiration from Celtic myths and his own childhood memories. Enchanted and mysterious ponds, wells and woods are filled with imagined creatures such as unicorns, hares, pigs and birds. He is very conscious of the historical, psychological and religious symbolism of his images and explores both personal and universal meanings in his works.

He notes in regard to the pool: “The idea of the spring, the pool or source of water with its magical properties of purity is important to all cultures”; to the unicorn: “there is something about the beautiful, harmonious symmetry of the shape of a unicorn but perhaps the most beautiful and potent, is its mystery”; and to the hare: “..[that] sits in a strange paradoxical position on the cusp of paganism and Christianity”.

Bound up with history, they are from the magical realm of his childhood imagination. It is these juxtapositions of historical symbolism and personal memory, as well as his masterful technical skill, that give his romantic narratives such universal appeal.

Wood engravings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings and paintings – The Unicorn, the Pool and the Hare and ‘Lines in the Landscape’ are showing from 12 March until 3 May [including the Castlemaine State Festival 13 – 22 March]

Hours: 11am – 5pm daily during the Castlemaine Festival, then 11am-5pm till 3 May