‘Life’ and ‘Impossible Princesses’

‘Life’ and ‘Impossible Princesses’

17 April – 8 June 2014

Photography by Mark Frye

Mixed media by Debra Johnston

Castlemaine artist Mark Frye’s exhibition ‘Life’ is the result of his love of travel and his desire to portray the lives of those people he has encountered on his journeys. Inspired by Rennie Ellis, Mark has travelled to and photographed such fascinating places as Armenia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Cuba, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Tunisia, as well as closer to home, in Australia. In each location he has concentrated on telling the stories of how people go about their everyday lives, particularly in urban environments. His images are both descriptive and sensitive, demonstrating his passion for narrative, detail and aesthetics.

The Ballarat artist and art teacher, Debra Johnston, also demonstrates a passion for narrative in her new exhibition ‘Impossible Princesses’ but this time in a wild, exuberant manner lacking all detail. As in her earlier Expressionist exhibitions at Falkner Gallery, Debra uses vibrant acrylic paint, pastels, chalks and charcoal to depict lively creatures that dance and cavort with happiness and love. They kick up their heels and fly, or stand and stare with beguiling eyes, quite reminiscent of Joy Hester’s female figures. Debra describes her princesses as distorted, magical and lyrical beings all living in her imagination.

Both exhibitions commence 17 April and will conclude 8 June. The artists will be present Saturday 19 April  2 – 4pm. [Note: Gallery closed Good Friday]