Lie of the Land, Away with Threads, 2016 Christmas and A Taste of Japan

27 October – 26 February 2017

‘Lie of the Land’ – Paula Martin and Chloe Simcox

‘Away with Threads’ – Quilly

‘2016 Christmas Collection’ – 30+ artists

‘A Taste of Japan’ – Woodblock prints and crafts


The exhibition ‘Lie of the Land’ by Paula Martin and Chloe Simcox comprises works on paper by two newly arrived Castlemaine artists. Their past creative practice involved a diverse range of artforms, often based around theatrical design – costumes, millinery, set production.

Paula Martin graduated in fine art from National Art School in Sydney. She worked for the Australian Opera as a scenic artist and in props and wardrobe art. She has free-lanced for decades in theatre and the corporate world for such clients as Sydney Theatre Company, Opera Australia, Olympic Opening Ceremony and Powerhouse Museum.

After training in custom shoe making and millinery, Chloe Simcox has spent the past 19 years in the field of theatrical costume props. Her career began in Sydney and took her to Dublin and London. She has worked in film, theatre and opera, with a focus on both textiles and sculptural techniques.

In this exhibition ‘Lie of the Land’, Paula and Chloe have drawn on their accumulated wealth of experience in art-making to present their interpretations of their new home and its landscape.

Chloe describes how the local landscape inspires her: “My eyes are drawn to light and shade, repeat pattern, textural landscape, colours of rock and dryness of earth. I have begun simplifying some familiar techniques and exploring them in a more personal way to make a connection with this landscape.”

Paula writes: “At present, the daily walks around Forest Creek, same track always different, the creek, the weather, the rhythm of the seasons, the detailed changes are the source of my collected impressions to reassemble in the studio”.

Both artists describe their interest in layering and use various techniques such as drawing overlaid with ink, wax, paint, dyes, muslin, cast paper, stitch, burning of the surface….

Framed and unframed works on paper by these two artists will inspire viewers whose interest is in painting, drawing, printing, textiles and embroidery.

The exhibition ‘Away with Threads’ – Embellishments is by Quilly, an artist and fashion designer from Central Victoria. Quilly believes the term ‘wearable art’ is over-used and yet her jackets, bags and jewellery are just that. Each item is unique being embellished with embroidery, applique, threads, wire and other unusual materials. There is a strong Japanese influence in her design but in addition she utilizes unexpected materials to make the artworks universal and exquisite art and fashion statements. Her works will be available for immediate purchase.

Accompanying these two textiles-inspired exhibitions are the annual ‘2016 Christmas Collection’ and ‘A Taste of Japan’

The front and back gallery spaces will resemble a Christmas tree with over 100 Works on Paper at affordable prices suitable for Christmas gifts. Over 30 artists, [local, interstate and overseas] have contributed unframed original works suitable for Kris Kringle or family gifts. They are available for immediate collection.

The small downstairs gallery space will house ‘A Taste of Japan’, a collection of original and reproduction woodblock prints and other Japanese crafts collected in Japan on a recent visit.

All four exhibitions commence 27 October and continue until 26 February. Some of the artists will be present Saturday 29 October 2 – 4 pm.