Landscape and Windscape

7 November – 23 December, then continuing into March 2020

Landscape – Tarli Glover – Drawings and Paintings


Windscape – Ceramics – Sarah Ormonde

Landscape, Windscape.

The environment is both subject and inspiration for the two artists holding solo exhibitions at Falkner Gallery commencing 7 November until Christmas and then continuing into March 2020.

Both exhibitions occupy the upstairs space of the gallery and compliment eachother perfectly.

The drawings and paintings by Tarli Glover are reflections of her environment. She describes how her compositions reflect “the space and openness, sometimes isolation, and often, the seasons, as they change through the year.”[Glover]

Her works in pastel, acrylic and oil are rural landscapes drawn mostly from the Western, Central and Eastern districts of Victoria. They are restrained, abstracted depictions of her environment using restricted colours, complex textural surfaces and horizontal and vertical markings that suggest the presence of human endeavours amidst nature.

Her exquisite works convey impressions of sunset and sunrise, dawn and dusk, mellow autumn shadows and pale summer light. They are abstractions that shimmer and glow and subtly evoke the Victorian landscape.

Accompanying these works  is the solo exhibition of ceramics by Sarah Ormonde. Her work too reflects the environment, but this time the far-south coast of NSW.

Formerly from Bendigo, Sarah has exhibited at Falkner Gallery over the years. In the past her vessels, bowls and bottles described the clays, oxides and markings suggestive of the topography and underground minerals of the Central Victorian region.

This new collection is in response to her new environment. The forms and their colours and markings refer to the surrounding green pastures, the hilly terrain and the headland beyond. She draws the trees, bent and shaped by the prevailing winds and writes: “My interest is always in the lines that I see in the landscape, either made by man or by nature. The wind in this case has created strong ribbons that work their way up the faces and along the tops of the headlands that shelter our home.“[Ormonde]

Both artists talk of their response to the landscape – the land, sky, wind, seasons, as well as the linear markings made by nature or man.  Their creative works are in total harmony.