18 March – 29 May 2021

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, Textiles

The exhibition at Falkner Gallery brings together 20 painters, ceramicists, photographers, printmakers, embroiderers and sculptors with diverse interpretations of the theme ‘Journey’.

Among these are the life cycle of the insect; marks across the canvas; recent road trips, meditations; voyages by past relatives; birds in flight; past reflections; overseas nostalgia; studio window glimpses; observers and travellers; introspection……..

Throughout the gallery are displayed selected works by Ingrid BROOKER, Liz CAFFIN, Jane CANFIELD, Helen FRASER, Tarli GLOVER, David GOLIGHTLY, Trudi HARLEY, Robert MARNIKA, Paula MARTIN, Liz MCLENNAN, Sarah ORMONDE, Marina PRIBAZ, Jane RUSDEN, Lee SHELDEN, Bronwyn SILVER, Greg SOMERVILLE, Stephen TESTER, Wayne VINEY, Diana WISEMAN, John WOLSELEY.



T: 03 5470 5858