Tweed, Stocks, Sinclair

‘Adventures into Automatism’ by Geoffrey Stocks

‘Connectedness’ by Anne Tweed

Typotany’ by Fiona Sinclair

1 November – 27 January 2013

Three new exhibitions at Falkner Gallery commence 1 November and will continue until 27 January 2013 [with the gallery closed for the Summer Break from 25 December – 23 January]

Two exhibitions are by local artists Geoffrey Stocks and Anne Tweed, the third by Melbourne artist, Fiona Sinclair.

‘Adventures into Automatism’ by Geoffrey Stocks is a series of paintings and prints using the technique of Automatism ie. “the avoidance of conscious intention in producing works of art.”  Subconscious associations are employed and a work evolves from the accumulative memory and experience of the artist.

Castlemaine artist Geoffrey Stocks uses this technique, as well as drawing on his classical art education from Leeds University College of Arts, to produce semi abstract linocuts and paintings that respond to the changing nature of the landscape. Behind the fields, paddocks, rocky hills and mine workings are a variety of landforms and man-made structures that demonstrate the effects of man on his environment. The mullock heaps and scarred landscape of the Central Victorian goldfields are reminiscent of England’s Yorkshire coalfields of his childhood and his references are possibly drawn from his subconscious memories.

It is not necessary to observe the subconscious memories of Anne Tweed whose exhibition ‘Connectedness’ occupies the upstairs gallery space. Her work also comments on her environment. A visit to her studio in picturesque Sutton Grange is to see her inspiration first hand. Magnificent views are glimpsed from every window. Her dogs frolic amongst the beautiful gardens and numerous birds can be seen and heard constantly. With minute attention to detail, Anne paints and draws these birds, their intricate nests and the produce of the land around her. She describes her exhibition as a series of works about country – “home grown produce, wild life and landscape give me a rich understanding of the inter-dependence between earth, animals and people”

The third exhibition is the work of graphic designer, illustrator and teacher, Fiona Sinclair, called ‘Typotany’. Her interest in typography and botany resulted in her creating an alphabet based on Australian native plants. The works in the exhibition are high resolution giclee reproductions.

In addition, she has created a range of gift cards, wrapping paper and linen tea-towels, all illustrating Australian native plants and all produced according to her philosophy and practice of sustainability.