Garth Henderson and Jean Bohuslav


16 May – 6 July 2019

‘botanic_architecture/under_construction/2019’- Garth Henderson, Virtual sculptures 

‘Mindfulness’- Jean Bohuslav, Encaustic paintings

Garth Henderson is a horticulturist, photographer, graphic designer and visual artist. His exhibition of a series of limited-edition archival prints demonstrates his passion and expertise in each of these fields.

His works show his interest in organic geometry, in particular the unique and evolving mathematical permutations of Australian flora.

The dramatic graphic works often look metallic and are like sculptures; in fact he describes them as ‘virtual sculptures’ utilizing the creative tools of 3D modelling and sculpting software, and virtual studio lighting.

In contrast to these dramatic, graphic statements by Henderson are the poetic, philosophical paintings by Jean Bohuslav entitled: ‘Mindfulness’.

Her series of encaustic paintings illustrates her observations of the inner journey to Awareness, the search for truth and love. Human foibles are expressed as veiled illusions, which, due to her fascinating ancient encaustic painting technique of applying oils and melted wax and medium to pigments on board/canvas, appear as layers of consciousness.

Her subjects seem whimsical but are in fact deeply thought-provoking, while the technique comments on her view of life’s journey of self-discovery.

botanic_architecture/under_construction/2019’ by Garth Henderson and ‘Mindfulness’ by Jean Bohuslav

16 May – 6 July