Span, Feathers, Flowers and Faraway Places, Memories and Relics

Span’; ‘Feathers, Flowers and Faraway Places’; ‘Memories and Relics’

Monoprints by Jane Marriott;

Linocuts by Vida Pearson;

Assemblages by Jeanette Ransom

Three very different exhibitions will commence at Falkner Gallery on 28 November and continue until 16 February with the gallery being closed between 25 December – 23 January.

Jane Marriott, a Castlemaine artist, is showing a series of monoprints entitled ‘Span’. Bold and dramatic compositions are a feature of her works that describe her interest in the Central Victorian landscape and man-made engineering features, particularly bridges. She describes the bridges that span roads, railways and water stating ‘I am especially drawn to the shadows lurking around these bridges and the trees isolated by their framing forms.’ By using these structures to frame and compose views of the landscape  beyond, she suggests the grandeur and majesty of the designs of man and nature.

Design is also a powerful feature of the exhibition of linocuts by Vida Pearson entitled ‘Feathers, Flowers and Faraway Places’. Vida has been a professional artist/printmaker for over 25 years. Inspired by her interests in bird-watching, photography and travel, she uses her distinctive style to describe birds and plants native to Australia as well as those of Antarctica, Africa and Madagasca. Her works are highly detailed and brightly coloured, usually by hand.

The inspiration for the third exhibition lies in the artist Jeanette Ransom’s fascination with textures, fragments, colours and stories. Like a bowerbird, she collects discarded fragments of Japanese and Nepalese papers, old books, painted surfaces, aged maps, threads, coins and other objects and re-uses them to create a new story. Their previous history is given a new life when re-assembled and combined with her monoprints and paintings, creating exquisite contemporary framed works.

The three exhibitions will commence 28 November;  the artists will be present Saturday 30 Nov. 2 – 4pm