25 May – 17 June 2017

‘The Space Within’ – Jan McNeill – Oil paintings

Jan McNeill’s series of oil paintings entitled ‘The Space Within’ will be exhibited for the period 25 May – 17 June. An accomplished Castlemaine artist, Jan’s last exhibition at Falkner Gallery in 2012 was highly successful and her many admirers have been eagerly anticipating this new Show.

‘The Space Within’ consists of a number of traditional, meditative landscapes. They describe space and mood – whether through their compositional structure or the colours and tones of her palette.

She states: ”I have learned to appreciate the beauty, richness and renewal that the land can provide if one can allow oneself to be immersed in its shelter.” [McNeill]

The specific locations are not given but they are universal in their expression of the space they represent and provide.

‘The Space Within’ will continue until 17 June when Falkner Gallery will close for the Winter Break, re-opening Thursday 20 July with three new exhibitions.


    Gallery closed for Winter Break 18 June – 19 July

20 July – 3 September 2017

‘Night and Day’- Anne Tweed – Pencil and watercolour drawings

‘Landscapes’ – Smiley Williams – Oil and gouache paintings

‘Street Moss’ – Bronwyn Silver and Bernard Slattery – Photography

Two painters, two photographers, all from Castlemaine and the district, will hold exhibitions from 20 July until 3 September.

Anne Tweed lives in Castlemaine and has created ‘Night and Day’, a series of drawings, paintings and monoprints of animals and birds and their habitat. Their power lies in their powerful attention to detail, the result of her keen observation and drawing skill. Her last exhibition at Falkner concentrated on birds and their complicated, intricate nests; this show includes birds and mammals in their environments.


Smiley Williams from Elphinstone enjoys the challenge and rewards of the paint medium whether as oils or gouaches. His exhibition upstairs is of canvases and gouache studies on paper. He depicts the landscape around him, not literally but as an expressive response. His small gouaches are sometimes developed into oil paintings but sometimes they express his personal interpretation of the surrounding landscape in their own right.


Downstairs is a series of photographs by Bronwyn Silver and Bernard Slattery entitled ‘Street Moss’. Bronwyn and Bernard are both keen environmentalists and their exhibition describes how ‘The paved streets of our towns and cities are imperfect coverings of a nature always ready to stage a comeback…. The margins of manholes, the gaps between gutter paving stones, the shady neglected corners of industrial sites, all harbour active plant colonies ever ready to expand and undo the work of the bitumen and concrete industries.’ [Slattery] The photographs are exquisite works of nature and aesthetics.

All three exhibitions commence Thursday 20 July and continue until Sunday 3 September.

Meet the artists Saturday 22 July 2-4pm