2 November – 28 January 2018

‘Christmas Collection 2017’ – 30+ artists

‘The Kimberley’ – Margaret Lees – Oil pastels and Linocuts


With Spring here, our thoughts turn towards Christmas. It will be here before we know it, so now could be the time to start early Christmas shopping to prevent the panic in December.

Falkner Gallery will once again host an exciting, changing ‘Christmas Collection 2017’ exhibition commencing 2 November with new, small, original, affordable works by over 30 talented artists – [local, regional, national and international]. Techniques include drawings, linocuts, woodcuts, monoprints, etchings, engravings, collagraphs, montages and collages. Prices are $50, $100, $150 and $200.

Rather than struggling to find inexpensive Kris Kringle gifts, why not pool together with family members to buy one exclusive, special and valuable gift by an accomplished artist? It will be a gift that lasts and is appreciated forever.

The gallery walls represent a Christmas tree and works purchased may be collected immediately, rather than at the end of the exhibition, giving time to have them framed if desired. This will mean the ‘Christmas Collection 2017’ exhibition will constantly evolve as new works replace those sold.

At the same time, upstairs, is an exhibition by accomplished artist Margaret Lees entitled ‘The Kimberley’ consisting of a comprehensive series of linocuts and oil pastels.

Margaret has made many trips to north-western Australia and her works illustrate her impressions of the old, eroded landscape of that region, “a land of folded hills, gorges and rivers, creek beds, escarpments and worn down mountain ranges”.

She has always been inspired and excited by the diverse and interesting area and her richly coloured works in both oil pastel and linocut techniques convey that enthusiasm. Warm, rich pinks, purples, ochres, reds, and browns vibrate and contrast with the spotty greens and greys of baobabs and twisted white gums and spinifex.

‘Christmas Collection 2017 and ‘The Kimberley’ by Margaret Lees 2 November – 28 January 2018.

Meet some of the artists Saturday 4 November 2-4pm


Christmas and Summer Hours and 2018 exhibitions:

Falkner Gallery will be open everyday 11-5pm in the final days before Christmas [Fri 15 Dec – noon Sunday 24 December] and will then close for the Summer Break 25 December, re-opening Thursday 25 January 2018.

The first two exhibitions for 2018 will commence 1 February – downstairs ‘Bushland’ – watercolours and woodcuts by Margaret Cromb and upstairs Greg Somerville’s ‘…stitched to everything… – musings of an errant ecologist’ – water/nature inspired textiles and photographs.

1 February – 25 March 2018

‘Bushland’ – Margaret Cromb – Watercolours and Woodcuts

‘….stitched to everything….- musings of an errant ecologist’ – Greg Somerville – water/nature inspired Textiles and Photographs

Themes of Ecology by Local Artists

Falkner Gallery will re-open after the Summer Break on 1 February with two exciting new exhibitions by local artists: Margaret Cromb showing ‘Bushland’ and Greg Somerville showing ‘…stitched to everything…- musings of an errant ecologist.’

‘Bushland’ is an exhibition of watercolours and woodcuts that describe the natural environment of Central Victoria.

Margaret writes: “I consider myself to be especially blessed to live in an area surrounded by extensive forests and I continue to enjoy exploring them and becoming more familiar with the birds and animals which inhabit them.

I have been involved over many years with Landcare especially in the Casey/ Cardinia area where I came from. More recently I have become involved with Connecting Country and its bird-monitoring program. Spending time in the bush looking for birds and being immersed in the environment is a great joy to me. I am impressed with Connecting Country and its focus on restoring natural habitat by educating and supporting landowners.

So it is a pleasure to be able to donate to its activities through this exhibition.” Cromb

The works depict bushland scenes, individual trees and wildflowers, often including the birds which are to be found amongst them. Margaret’s characteristic layering of colour washes can be seen in her representational portrayals of the local environment about which she is so passionate. Fifty percent of the net proceeds will be donated to Connecting Country.

Upstairs, Greg Somerville captures the local environment with different techniques and media – textiles and photography but with similarly powerful effects. His training and early work as a biologist has led him to use the insights of science, especially ecology and Chaos Theory, in his artistic output.

He writes: “The imagery I utilise is grounded in the patterns, textures and minutiae of the bioregion in which I live. They are also informed by my knowledge of biological structures, the energies and relationships found in ecosystems, within the micro and macroscopic.”

He continues: ”The patterns of water drops on leaves, the way lichen spreads on sandstone or the manner in which trees co-inhabit the landscape is every bit as revelatory as the great texts, painting or musical composition.” Somerville

His abstracted quilted works and his photographs use detailed patterns, textures and layers to suggest the complexities and subtleties of nature.

Both exhibitions commence 1 February and continue until 25 March. Both artists will be present Saturday 3 February 2 – 4 pm

Please note Falkner Gallery’s revised hours for 2018:

Wed 1-5, Thurs–Sat 11-5 and Sunday by appointment.